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"DO", Villa Monastero, Varenna, Lake Como, Italy 
Camaver Kunsthaus 
 International Group Exhibition 
June 16th - July 1st 2018

This word in Japanese has a peculiar meaning and means "What leads", a discipline, simply the way, the path not only physical but above all spiritual and existential. This particle is often found in words like Judo, Aikido, Kendo etc.: martial arts.
The martial art in the East is not conceived as an offensive instrument but as an instrument for the improvement of the psychophysical abilities of the practitioner. The birth of a martial art is based not only on the practice of certain techniques and physical resistance. There is an ideological content, a series of values that are based on a specific vision of the world and the place of man within it.
Over the centuries martial arts have evolved towards a form of social communication modeled on a sort of ritual where gestures and weapons are used symbolically to express an idea, evoke a tradition and thus alleviate man's fears.
We no longer speak of following a path but of the abstraction of this path, we move on to the study of more subtle and sophisticated concepts, such as the source of the vital breath.
We are therefore talking about the abstraction of the path. Through a zealous work of research and perfection of the execution of an expressive form, man can achieve also the spiritual elevation that will be able to lead to the perfection of the spirit.
We can translate these concepts into the art world as well. That of the artist is a path of personal growth that takes place through the study of the technique up to the achievement of a level of execution that allows him to better communicate his thoughts or his emotions or the concepts that are close to his heart.
It seems clear that the technique is not the most important element nowadays in the world of contemporary art, what is clear is to communicate effectively and activate in the observer a spark that can set in motion, ideas, emotions , reasoning.
Art: its practice and its fruition, can lead us to a spiritual elevation and perhaps this is one of the reasons why art has accompanied the evolution of man in his path through the centuries of history.
The exhibition will be a fascinating journey through different techniques, very distant personalities and a multitude of concepts expressed. For each one we will try to understand “the way” and how every single piece of art can be a catalyst for concepts that can improve us or enrich the path that we ourselves are following.



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